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The Zanctuary Jose Andre Sibaja


Director:  José André Sibaja.

Writer:  José André Sibaja.

Producer:  José André Sibaja & Ángeles Ferragut.

Cinematographer:  Violetta D'Agata.

Starring:  Joey Arias, Sophia Lamar, Amanda Lepore, Juan Pablo Sosa, Ammo Mercedes, Wanda Nobles Colón, Cherrie Danielle & Justin Fosque.  


Sophia Lamar


New York City, 1979. Moses, a young police detective follows a lead on a human trafficking investigation that takes him to Dora Ramona del Pilar, a former prostitute who owns a decadent bar filled with dark secrets: The Zanctuary.


Joey Arias The Zanctuary
The Zanctuary Jose Andre Sibaja
The Zanctuary Jose Andre Sibaja
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