August 6, 2016

Oblivion Films announced its newest addition: Rialto. The film is based in one of the greatest plays by William Shakespeare.




Giacomo Rocchini (Hamlet Hallucinations) and the director José André Sibaja (Hyenas, The Zanctuary) will be collaborating in Oblivion Films' newest addition: “The Rialto”, based in the notorious play by William Shakespeare, “The Merchant of Venice”. The film will be released in the spring, 2017.


”Rialto” is set in a much different time and location than the original 16th-century Venice:  1980s in the infamous streets of Brooklyn. Street Walkers, drug dealers and corrupt policemen mingle and linger in an no end alley to breath life into Shakespeare's words. More details on this version of the classic are yet to be released.



Rialto recounts a short episode in the life of characters who are marginalized members of society. Though their actions can be considered cruel, immoral and even obscene, the emotional journey that the protagonists go through helps reveal their intrinsic humanity.



Rocchini is no stranger to Shakespeare, he has been part of several productions, but most notable in Hamlet Hallucinations in the title role, directed by Dario D’Ambrosi back in 2013. The show had a successful run at the iconic La Mama Experimental Theatre Group. Giacomo’s performance was praised with positive reviews



Brooklyn will serve as the actual location for the film. "You can still find decay in Brooklyn streets... you might have to walk a little, but you will find these magical places where all the city's ghosts linger hopeless like the characters in our films, abandoned and melancholic. I'm happy to have the chance to capture the beauty of it before it's gone forever. You can't find this kind of energy in Manhattan anymore, sadly, and if you do, is  all covered with cupcakes and other distractions." Sibaja stated. 


Principal photography will begin by mid August. More updates on the rest of the cast are expected to be announced in the upcoming days. 





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