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Director:  José André Sibaja.

Writer:  José André Sibaja & Giacomo Rocchini adapted from William Shakespeare's play.

Producer:  José André Sibaja & Giacomo Rocchini. 

Cinematography:  Ibai Vigil-Escalera.

Starring:  Giacomo Rocchini, Tristan Colton, Jenny O'Connell, Madeline Farbstein, Eduardo Hernandez García, Gina Karol & Wanda Nobles Colón.  


Jose Andre Sibaja Rialto


Antonio, a corrupt and failed policeman takes his young lover to a powerful queen bee harlot, Sheila. The damsel in distress asks her for a loan to pay a debt with a dangerous gang. The bitter creditor will demand a gruesome payment for her services.


Ibai Vigil-Escalera
Giacomo Rocchini
Giacomo Rocchini
Jenny O'Connell Tristan Colton
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